Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Awesome 'OSUM!'

Hello Friends!

The Open Source University Meetup is a great place to connect with other technical students who are interested in free and open source software. OSUMs provide students with training in cutting edge technologies in demand by the IT industry, access to resources to advance their careers and the opportunity to make friends through engaging and fun technology-based activities.

OSUM clubs exist at universities all over the world and conduct regular on-campus activities. These activities provide students who participate with benefits which include:

* Hands- on training via Tech Demos and Student Projects to learn technologies that can lead to promising careers in the IT industry

* Ready access to free and low-cost student resources, such as the SAI (free trainng and discounted certification)

* Make lots of like-minded (technical) friends through the Sun OSUM global community

* Have access to a variety of OSUM events such as Software Freedom Day, University Day, etc.

The social networking features of the OSUM Community offers additional benefits:

* Use the Members tab to browse or search for other OSUM members, view their Page and make friends.

* Use the Forums to post comments and questions. Also, check the Forums often so you can answer questions and be a resource to your fellow students. You can also search the Forum archives to see if your question has already been answered.

* Use the Events tab to publicize your events or browse a listing of upcoming events organized by other students.

* The Groups feature is a great way to associate with other students with a shared interest such as NetBeans or MySQL. We've created some groups for your regions and for some of most prominent open source technologies. However, feel free to form your own groups and invite other students to participate.

Enjoy the 'OSUM' Community!!!
Share your ideas freely!

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