Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NetBeans Vs. Eclipse

Since the day I started working on IDE's for programming in Java, I've always been confused about using the best one. With so many IDE's available for Java like eclipse, netbeans, intellij, Jcreator and so on, its really a tough job to make the right choice. But finally I was able to shortlist two of them to be superior than there counterparts. and they are definitely eclipse and netbeans. But then again which one's better. Lets see...

Netbeans always seems to have quietly done things better/slicker than eclipse and to this day that's still true I think. Eclipse isnt (still) too hung up on writing new plugins to do the IDE thing right and out of box. It has improved somewhat with the bundling approach (versus in the past having to PAY to get a functional combination of plugins without wasting your life searching).

But Eclipse is a still mishmash of plugins (location, purpose and usefulness passed down through the ages via word of mouth) and people's collections of pre-bundled plugins (some for cost) just to be useful. Netbeans is free and "just knows" about java/j2ee stuff (including various xml config files, source control, properties files, graphical editing of GUI components, running various containers).

Anyhow, in the interests of shit-stirring I'd say: eclipse is a bit like McDonalds. It's everywhere whether you like it or not, used by the average joe and gets the job done but you feel a bit dirty and can't help but notice that things are better across the road in the nice (netbeans) restaurant with the clean premises and handful of waiters making life easier.

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